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Toshi Hoo

Institute for the Future
Director - Emerging Media Lab
Palo Alto, CA
Toshi Anders Hoo is a creative producer, strategic consultant and media artist based in San Francisco, CA. Hoo has worked on a wide range of cutting edge experiential media projects utilizing interactive and immersive technologies and also provides emerging technology research, prototyping and consulting services to industry leading companies, NGO’s and government agencies. Hoo served as media technology consultant for famed futurist, Ray Kurzweil, and produced live VR demonstrations with Kurzweil for the TED stage. In 2007, Hoo co-directed the feature length documentary ‘The Singularity is Near’ with Kurzweil based on his best-selling book. Hoo’s work explores not only the direct applications of emerging technologies, but also the wider implications and impact on individuals, organizations, and society at large.