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Ben Zysberg

Software Dept. Head
Born in Paris in 1982, the same year Tron was released, Ben Zysberg first discovered computers at age 5; it was an Apple II Plus. He dreamed of making games one day, so learned to code. Ben earned a Master of Science in 2005, with an emphasis on virtual reality and graphical user interface. After a few jobs in various sectors, Ben joined Total Immersion in 2008. At TI, Ben helped develop a simulator for the French missile MILAN for GDI Simulation, an EADS company. By 2010, Ben had moved to Los Angeles, where he finally joined Inhance Digital as a programmer. In 2015, he was Technical Producer on the company’s largest project to date, which helped him earn his current role as head of Inhance’s programming department, from which he helps the company develop more complex interactives in the VR/AR arena by pushing game engines and web technologies.