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Friday, April 14

10:00am PDT

Opening Remarks with Jonnie Ross
avatar for Jonnie Ross

Jonnie Ross

Co-Founder, VRLA, Mindshow
Jonnie Ross sits on the board of the non-profit Virtual Reality Foundation, and is a co-founder of the wildly successful Virtual Reality Los Angeles Expo (VRLA). He is also co-founder of the Proto Awards, VR’s first-ever awards show and CCO at Visionary VR. His professional history... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 10:00am - 10:25am PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

10:00am PDT

Hands on with Matterport 3D & VR - Pass Sold Separately

Participants will come away with hands-on experience operating the Matterport 3D Vision System with both the Matterport 3D Pro and the Tango enabled Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with Matterport Scenes, and creating 3D & VR content (shooting on location at VRLA). They will work in groups for 3D scanning practice. They will then be guided through the Matterport Workshop (processing time of models will not allow for the models they just created to be edited), and see how VR Editor mode works, as well as the measurement tool and exporting OBJ files. We will also briefly touch upon advanced techniques, such as importing OBJ files into Unity and HTC Vive, and the Matterport VR SDK. Following the session, participants will all be emailed with links to the models that they created the following day, and they can continue to play with those in Workshop or share them with friends.

You can sign into your Streampoint account here and skip to step two of registration to access the workshops.

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Michael Boland

Mike Boland was one of Silicon Valley's first tech reporters of the internet age, as a staff reporter for Forbes (print) starting in 2000. He is currently Chief Analyst of ARtillry, and San Francisco Chapter President of the VR/AR Association.Mike is a frequent speaker at industry... Read More →
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Emily Olman

Emily Olman is a VR/AR evangelist and founder of Hopscotch Interactive, a 3D/VR/360°/AR content services company and Matterport Service Partner. They are based in the SF Bay Area with operations in Northern and Southern California and Berlin, Germany. She has been creating 3D/VR... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 10:00am - 12:30pm PDT
CyberPowerPC Education Room 518

10:25am PDT

Special Announcement from Mindshow
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Gil Baron

CEO & Co-founder, Mindshow
As CEO & Co-founder at Mindshow Gil Baron brings his vast expertise in storytelling and the digital effects process to make storytelling possible in virtual reality. Mindshow has been at the forefront of thought leadership in the space since the company’s founding in 2014.  Before... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 10:25am - 10:35am PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

10:35am PDT

Expanding the VR Ecosystem, Presented by HTC
VR came into living rooms less than a year ago and has already captured the public imagination in a way that's reminiscent of other rapidly mass adopted technology such as HDTVs, smartphones and tablets. Yet VR's potential is greater than a single device category or computing platform. The immersion of VR and its application in areas ranging from games and entertainment to education and enterprise positions it as the next mass adopted medium. The question is, when will we get there? This session looks at how Vive is accelerating the adoption of VR with both consumer and enterprise facing initiatives, and giving developers more ways to fund and monetize premium VR content.

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Rikard Steiber

President of Viveport, HTC Vive
As SVP of Virtual Reality at HTC, Rikard manage the global VR app store business and mentor Vive X companies. Prior to HTC Vive, Rikard successfully built up several international businesses in Video on Demand, YouTube MCNs and eSports, as the CEO for MTGx and Chief Digital Officer... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 10:35am - 10:55am PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

10:55am PDT

VR: Making it Real presented by Intel
 Frank is a 35 year veteran at Intel; Diverse set of leadership roles; telecommunications design & marketing, desktop motherboard and systems product marketing, Digital Office marketing, planning, strategy and engineering, communications and embedded platform market enabling covering strategic planning, engineering, ecosystem enabling and industry marketing. Frank was a strong Intelligent Systems Group and Sponsors of Tomorrow champion creating a highly visible presence via TV interviews, keynotes, and commercials increasing the awareness and driving success of intelligent systems initiatives.
Frank is now in the Virtual Reality and Gaming Group (VRG), part of Intel’s Connected Home & Commercial Client Group (CHC) as the General Manager for Virtual Reality and Gaming. He is driving strategy and business needs in gaming, content creation and virtual reality.

avatar for Frank Soqui

Frank Soqui

GM VR and Gaming, Intel
Frank is a 35 year veteran at Intel;  Diverse set of leadership roles; telecommunications design & marketing, desktop motherboard and systems product marketing, Digital Office marketing, planning, strategy and engineering, communications and embedded platform market enabling covering... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 10:55am - 11:25am PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

11:25am PDT

Keynote Presentation with John Riccitiello
John Riccitiello will share his vision of the future of AR and VR development during the Friday, VRLA keynote.

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John Riccitiello

Chief Executive Officer, Unity Technologies
Since joining Unity as CEO in 2014, John Riccitiello has been a driving force in the successful launch of Unity 5 – the company’s next-generation multiplatform engine and development tools. Previously serving as CEO of Electronic Arts, John played a critical role in the company’s... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 11:25am - 11:55am PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

12:00pm PDT

The Martian: Examining Human Physical Judgments Across Virtual Gravity Fields

This talk examines how humans adapt to novel physical situations with unknown gravitational acceleration in immersive virtual environments. We designed four virtual reality experiments with different tasks for participants to complete: strike a ball to hit a target, trigger a ball to hit a target, predict the landing location of a projectile, and estimate the flight duration of a projectile. The first two experiments compared human behavior in the virtual environment with real-world performance reported in the literature. The last two experiments aimed to test the human ability to adapt to novel gravity fields by measuring their performance in trajectory prediction and time estimation tasks. The experiment results show that: 1) based on brief observation of a projectile’s initial trajectory, humans are accurate at predicting the landing location even under novel gravity fields, and 2) humans’ time estimation in a familiar earth environment fluctuates around the ground truth flight duration, although the time estimation in unknown gravity fields indicates a bias toward earth’s gravity.

avatar for Siyuan Qi

Siyuan Qi

University of California
Siyuan Qi is a third year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at University of California, Los Angeles. He is currently doing computer vision research in the Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning, and Autonomy advised by Professor Song-Chun Zhu. His research interests... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 12:00pm - 12:30pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

12:15pm PDT

Spatial Computing and Your Body, the Interface
We know that over the next few years daily computing will begin to look very different, but how will it feel? This talk will focus on how new forms of input, specifically hand tracking, will allow for both more subtle and far richer interactions than we’ve ever had with our technology, and at mass consumer scale. Millions of years of evolution have made us masters of navigating and interacting within 3D environments and now, finally, we will be able to interact with virtual objects the way we evolved to interact with the real world. Very quickly we will progress from tapping and swiping on small rectangular glass surfaces to using our whole bodies to interact with spatial interfaces. What can we learn and apply to this new spatial human-computer paradigm from the long histories of 3D disciplines like architecture and industrial design? And what new possibilities will these interfaces afford us? Join us for a discussion of experiments and discoveries made while working with tomorrow's input device, your body.

avatar for Martin Schubert

Martin Schubert

VR Designer & Developer,, Leap Motion
With a background in architecture and spatial studies, Martin designs and develops Leap Motion enabled VR experiences such as Weightless and Geometric which let users reach out and interact with virtual worlds using their bare hands.

Friday April 14, 2017 12:15pm - 1:05pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

12:30pm PDT

Multi-User Redirected Walking in Shared Physical Spaces

As the focus of virtual reality technology is shifting from single-person experiences to multi-user interactions it becomes increasingly important to accommodate multiple co-located users within a shared real-world space. For locomotion and navigation, the introduction of multiple users moving both virtually and physically creates additional challenges related to potential user-on-user collisions. In this work, we focus on defining the extent of these challenges, in order to apply redirected walking to two users immersed in virtual reality experiences within a shared physical tracked space. Using a computer simulation framework, we explore the costs and benefits of splitting available physical space between users versus attempting to algorithmically prevent user-to-user collisions. We also explore fundamental components of collision prevention such as steering the users away from each other, forced stopping, and user re-orientation. Each component was analyzed for the number of potential disruptions to the flow of the virtual experience. We also develop a novel collision prevention algorithm that reduces overall interruptions by 17.6% and collision prevention events by 58.3%. Our results show that sharing space using our collision prevention method is superior to subdividing the tracked space. 

avatar for Mahdi Azmandian

Mahdi Azmandian

University of Southern California
Mahdi Azmandian is Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California. Working under the supervision of Dr. Evan Suma Rosenberg at the ICT Mixed Reality Lab, his dissertation is focused on developing a generalized framework for Redirected Walking in immersive virtual environments... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 12:30pm - 1:00pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

12:30pm PDT

The Data Handbook: How to Predict and Harness VR's Potential
avatar for Stephanie Llamas

Stephanie Llamas

Vice President of Research and Strategy, SuperData Research

Friday April 14, 2017 12:30pm - 1:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

1:00pm PDT

Creating Experiences for the HoloLens with Unity - Pass Sold Separately
This workshop is an introduction to the HoloLens. The HoloLens is a new, mixed reality device from Microsoft. This workshop explores what the HoloLens is, what makes the HoloLens unique, and how to work with its three pillars of input - Gaze, Gesture, and Voice. One of the most fascinating features is spatial mapping, one of the ways the HoloLens understands space around you. This workshop will also take you through ways to work with the spatial information to integrate with the real world. Next we’ll explore the complete workflow on how to develop applications for the HoloLens with Unity, as this allows us to integrate easily into the Windows Holographic API.

You can sign into your Streampoint account here and skip to step two of registration to access the workshops. 

avatar for Kat Harris

Kat Harris

Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Kat is a Technical Evangelist with expertise in game, AR/VR/MR development based out of Los Angeles. She is the co-host of ImagineThis, a web series for students to learn about the tech industry, and The Game Dev Show on MSDN’s Channel9 network. Kat was the first woman in the world... Read More →
avatar for Adam Tuliper

Adam Tuliper

Adam is a Principal Software Engineer for Microsoft living in Southern California. He helps others realize their technical vision across the web, gaming, cloud, phone, console, and desktop platforms. Adam is heavily addicted to his HoloLens and Unity, and co-runs the Orange County... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 1:00pm - 3:30pm PDT
CyberPowerPC Education Room 518

1:15pm PDT

Using Mixed Reality Experiences to Positively Change Human Behavior

In the past few years, advances have been made on how mixed reality humans (MRHs) can be used for interpersonal communication skills training for medical teams; however, little research has looked at how MRHs can influence communication skills during training. One way to influence communication skills is to leverage MRHs as models of communication behavior. We have created multiple mixed reality medical team training exercises designed to impact communication behaviors that are critical for patient safety, and found that MRHs can influence healthcare providers' behavior. This talk will discuss the results from these studies as well as the impact this work has on expanding the boundaries for how VR can be used.

avatar for Andrew Cordar

Andrew Cordar

University of Florida
Andrew Cordar is a PhD candidate in Computer Science from the University of Florida. Andrew's research is in the broad area of virtual humans and mixed/virtual reality. Specifically, Andrew looks at how mixed reality humans can positively influence real people's communication skills... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 1:15pm - 1:45pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

1:15pm PDT

Brand Stories in VR

In this presentation Dario will share what he looks for when his clients come to him to explore the VR road to an audience. It can be exciting and confusing at the same time for all parties involved, from clients to production studios. He'll share examples of Zero Code’s work and their approach,  and where he sees VR going within the advertising world


avatar for Dario Raciti

Dario Raciti

US Director of Zero Code, OMD
Dario has 20+ years of experience in traditional and digital media with a focus on video games and virtual reality.  He’s worked with major brands across every business sector and heads OMD’s Zero Code division - working projects for brands that include Nissan, Pepsi, Gatorade... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 1:15pm - 2:05pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

1:30pm PDT

VC & Early Stage Company Pitch Workshop/Q&A, Presented By Latham & Watkins
VRLA welcomes early-stage founders to deliver 90-second pitches or questions about the startup process to our assembled panel of legal and VC experts. Submit your question or pitch in advance at https://goo.gl/forms/ryxQ9TUr2Zx5AeKE3.

avatar for David Ajalat

David Ajalat

Associate, Latham & Watkins
David Ajalat is an associate in the Corporate Department of the Century City office of Latham & Watkins. His practice focuses on representing emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and venture capital and private equity funds in a broad range of industries, including software, digital... Read More →

avatar for Peter Liu

Peter Liu

Vice President, Pritzker Group Venture Capital
Since joining Pritzker Group Venture Capital as an Associate in 2012, Peter has been involved in over 25 early and growth stage technology investments, representing over $120M in deployed capital. Peter is responsible for sourcing Series A/B investments and providing diligence and... Read More →
avatar for Anarghya Vardhana

Anarghya Vardhana

Senior Associate, Maveron
As a Senior Associate at Maveron, Ms. Vardhana brings her passion for the intersection of cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence to existing mass consumer experiences, identifying these opportunities in the Bay Area and beyond. Within the Maveron portfolio, Anarghya... Read More →
avatar for Kevin Zhang

Kevin Zhang

Partner, Upfront Ventures
Kevin Zhang is a Principal at Upfront Ventures, where he focuses on emerging technologies in gaming, VR/AR, healthcare and food/agriculture.  He led Upfront's first VR investment in VREAL, a native VR live streaming platform. Prior to Upfront, he worked at The Boston Consulting Group... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 1:30pm - 2:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

1:45pm PDT

Towards the Creation of a 'Digital You' for Immersive Environments

We have developed a pipeline capable of generating a digital version of a specific person in 20 minutes semi-automatically with no artistic or technical intervention. This 3D construct includes an animatable face, body and fingers. There are numerous commercial and research applications that would benefit from being able to simulate a specific (or recognizable) person in a 3D environment, including social VR, virtual try-on, and digital communication. We discuss the development of this pipeline, its future directions and applications. 

avatar for Ari Shapiro

Ari Shapiro

University of Southern California
Ari Shapiro is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Southern California. He heads the Character Animation and Simulation research group at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, which focuses on interactive behavior, appearance... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 1:45pm - 2:15pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

2:15pm PDT

Accelerating Your VR Applications with VRWorks

Across graphics, audio, video, and physics, the NVIDIA VRWorks suite of technologies helps developers maximize performance and immersion for VR applications. We'll explore the latest features of VRWorks, explain the VR-specific challenges they address, and provide application-level tips and tricks to take full advantage of these features. Special focus will be given to the details and inner workings of our latest VRWorks feature, Lens Matched Shading, along with the latest VRWorks integrations into Unreal Engine and Unity.

avatar for Dave Weinstein

Dave Weinstein

Director for Professional Virtual Reality, NVIDIA
Across graphics, audio, video, and physics, the NVIDIA VRWorks suite of technologies helps developers maximize performance and immersion for VR applications. We'll explore the latest features of VRWorks, explain the VR-specific challenges they address, and provide application-level... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 2:15pm - 3:05pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

2:30pm PDT

Colliding Worlds: How VR, AR, & MR Are Driving True Pipeline Convergence, Presented by Foundry
With the rise of VR, MR and AR, content creators are taking viewers to places no other medium can come close to. In 2016, we saw an explosive amount of content released for games, film and interactive experiences.Today, we’re starting to see these experiences crossover with existing mediums. Films are now being released with an accompanying VR experience, such as The John Wick Chronicles released on Steam, shortly after the John Wick: Chapter 2 film opened in theatres in early 2017.
Join us as some of the hottest VR companies today discuss and debate how VR is speeding up pipeline convergence across film, games, advertising and other industries.

avatar for Mariana Acuna

Mariana Acuna

VR consultant, The Foundry
Mariana Acuna is a VR consultant for Foundry. Her focus for the last three years has been specializing in virtual reality post-production workflows, where she was instrumental in the launches of ExploreVR —a hub for sharing industry insight, practical tips and the latest trends... Read More →

avatar for David Chontos

David Chontos

Director of VR, Psyop
"As a Director for Psyop since 2006, David has worked on a great deal of successful projects such as Coca-Cola’s iconic commercial “Happiness Factory” which helped earn Psyop numerous industry awards including the Cannes Silver Film Lion, Gold and Silver Clios and a BDA Gold... Read More →
avatar for Jordan Reece Halsey

Jordan Reece Halsey

Technical Director, VR Playhouse
Jordan Reese Halsey is a Los Angeles based video artist and the technical director for VR Playhouse. There, he has designed and created virtual reality experiences for Time Life, Honda, Boost Mobile, Four Seasons and many others. Jordan is an expert in projection mapping and has worked... Read More →
avatar for Glenn Snyder

Glenn Snyder

Co-Founder, Master of Shapes
"Fueled by Soylent, Dr. Gray (better known as Glenn Snyder) is obsessed with conquering logic with code. After recreating Tetris in True Basic at 14, Glenn moved on to study the use of programming to create art as a visual effects major at the Savannah College of Art and Design. His... Read More →
avatar for Cosku Turhan

Cosku Turhan

Lighting and Compositing Supervisor, Magnopus
Cosku Turhan is a filmmaker/visual effects supervisor with over twelve years of experience in the Hollywood film industry. Born in Ankara, Turkey, his talent for visual arts can be traced back to the drawings and animations he did of Disney characters when he was eight years old... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 2:30pm - 3:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

2:30pm PDT

A Perspective from the Long View: 35 Years in VR

I have been working in VR and interactive 3D for a long time. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with many of the people that are directly responsible for creating the magic in the world that we live in today. These are the people that started with a virtual blank page and created their own reality. Their vision defined a vector into their future that we have had the privilege of extending into ours. Knowing where this vector started gives us an incredible perspective on where it is today and where it is going. I will describe my personal journey along this vector over the last 35 years, demonstrate a few things I am working on today, and speculate about where this vector into the future may take us.

avatar for David A. Smith

David A. Smith

Wearality Corporation
David A. Smith is a computer scientist and entrepreneur who has focused on interactive 3D and using 3D as a basis for new user environments and entertainment for over thirty five years. His specialty is system design and advanced user interfaces. He is a pioneer in 3D graphics, robotics... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 2:30pm - 3:30pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

3:15pm PDT

VR Cameras A-Z, Presented By Radiant Images
avatar for Michael Mansouri

Michael Mansouri

Co-Founder, Radiant Images
Michael is known as one of the industry’s most knowledgeable, inventive and passionate technicians in 2D, 3D and virtual reality. He is an associate member of the American Society of Cinematographers, nominated by Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, and Frederic Goodich, ASC. In 2016, Mansouri... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Schwartz

Andrew Schwartz

Head of Mixed Reality, Radiant Images
Andrew Schwartz, is a high level technical creative producer on the bleeding edge of reality. This Wizard started his career in television over 20 years ago as a wunderkind visual effects supervisor on projects for NBC, Sony and Jerry Bruckheimer. He quickly transitioned to film and... Read More →
avatar for Amanda Shelby

Amanda Shelby

Head of VR Production, Radiant Images
Amanda is a Reality TV Director turned Virtual Reality Supervisor. For nearly a decade, she has worked professionally in the entertainment industry. Wearing many hats throughout her career has allowed Amanda to become extremely proficient in key areas of production including, directing... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 3:15pm - 4:05pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

3:30pm PDT

Bringing Together the Pieces of Wonder Buffalo: How Artistry and Technology Connect Users to Socially Aware Storytelling Presented by Technicolor
Hear from creators and contributors to Wonder Buffalo as they discuss how an empowering story touching on themes of bullying, body image issues, and cultural differences inspired the creation of an interactive, room scale VR experience. Learn why they decided to take a mixed-media approach, melding photogrammetry, animation and immersive sound to connect users to the protagonist and her journey.

avatar for Christine 	Berg

Christine Berg

Christine was born in Thailand, an army brat, and a veteran serving eight years as a Russian linguist and Blackhawk helicopter crewmember "Wonder Buffalo" was developed with her partner Simon Shterenberg at the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Program. Recently, Netflix... Read More →
avatar for Brian Frager

Brian Frager

Lead Experience Producer, Technicolor Experience Center
A specialist in the emerging worlds of interactive storytelling and 3D interface design, Brian bridges the technical and creative elements through a diverse background in film production, coding and game engine development. He has created cutting-edge virtual reality experiences for... Read More →
avatar for Scott Gershin

Scott Gershin

Creative Director/Director of Sound Editorial/Sound Designer & Mixer, The Sound Lab at Technicolor ,
"Scott Gershin, Director of Sound Editorial at the Sound Lab at Technicolor, has taken audiences on immersive journeys for nearly three decades, providing sound services on films such as Nightcrawler, Pacific Rim, Hellboy 2, Team America, Shrek and American Beauty. His work can be... Read More →
avatar for Rainer Gombos

Rainer Gombos

Rainer Gombos, an Emmy-winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Creative Director, is the founder of REALTRA, a cutting-edge production company specializing in immersive, volumetric virtual reality. Rainer won an Emmy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work as VFX Supervisor on the... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 3:30pm - 4:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

3:45pm PDT

Improving Augmented Reality Displays via Deformable Beamsplitters

Focus depth cues, a wide field of view, and ever-higher resolutions all present major hardware design challenges for near-eye displays. Optimizing a design to overcome one of these challenges typically leads to a trade-off in the others. We tackle this problem by introducing an all-in-one solution – a new wide field of view gaze-tracked near-eye display for augmented reality applications. The key component of our solution is the use of a single see-through, varifocal, deformable membrane mirror for each eye reflecting a display. They are controlled by airtight cavities and change the effective focal power to present a virtual image at a target depth plane which is determined by the gaze tracker. The benefits of using the membranes include wide field of view (100° diagonal) and fast depth switching (from 20 cm to infinity within 20 ms). Our subjective experiment verifies the prototype and demonstrates its potential benefits for near-eye see-through displays.

avatar for David Dunn

David Dunn

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
After working in VFX and animation for 5 years on such films as Maleficent and Wreck-It Ralph, David set out to make the next Augmented Reality display by returning to school and getting a PhD from UNC-Chapel Hill.  Now in his 3rd year of grad school, he is still pursuing that quest... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 3:45pm - 4:15pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

4:00pm PDT

Building VR Experiences with Unity - Pass Sold Separately
How do you build a VR experience? Powering one of the largest creative communities in the world, Unity is also now the leading engine for VR development. Join us to learn hands on how to leverage the tools and techniques Unity offers for developers. Together we will build a cinematic VR experience covering topics including 360 video, interaction, optimization techniques, and post-processing effects.

You can sign into your Streampoint account here and skip to step two of registration to access the workshops. 

avatar for Mark Schoennagel

Mark Schoennagel

Mark Schoennagel is a Unity Evangelist with a strong technical background in 3D Animation for both film and video games. For nearly 20 years he was the lead evangelist for Softimage 3D, enjoying a front-row seat during the renaissance of the 3D industry. From witnessing the humble... Read More →
avatar for Sarah Stumbo

Sarah Stumbo

Sarah became a passionate virtual reality creator after trying VR for the first time during her senior year of college, while studying electrical engineering. She made the switch to software and never looked back, as VR development was the perfect way to combine her interests in art... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 4:00pm - 6:30pm PDT
CyberPowerPC Education Room 518

4:15pm PDT

Prism Aftereffects for Throwing with a Self-Avatar in an Immersive Virtual Environment

The use of first-person self-avatars in immersive virtual environments (VEs) has grown over recent years. It is unknown, however, how visual feedback from a self-avatar influences a user's online actions and subsequent calibration of actions within an immersive VE. The current paper uses a prism throwing adaptation paradigm to test the role of a self-avatar arm or full body on action calibration in a VE. Participants' throwing accuracy to a target on the ground was measured first in a normal viewing environment, then with the visual field rotated clockwise about their vertical axis by 17 degrees (prism simulation), and then again in the normal viewing environment with the prism distortion removed. Participants experienced either no-avatar, a first-person avatar arm and hand, or a first-person full body avatar during the entire experimental session, in a between-subjects manipulation. Results showed similar throwing error and adaptation during the prism exposure for all conditions, but a reduced aftereffect (displacement with respect to the target in the opposite direction of the prism-exposure) when the avatar arm or full body was present. The results are discussed in the context of how an avatar can provide a visual frame of reference to aid in action calibration.

avatar for Bobby Bodenheimer

Bobby Bodenheimer

Vanderbilt University
Bobby Bodenheimer is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University. He received the BS, BA, and MS degrees from the University of Tennessee and the PhD from the California Institute of Technology. His research interests lie in the area of virtual reality, with... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 4:15pm - 4:45pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

4:30pm PDT

Location-Based Entertainment

Immersive technologies are showing up in out of home venues around the world. In this panel we'll discuss the advantages, challenges and business models afforded by AR and VR in amusement parks, movie theaters and family entertainment centers. 

avatar for Brad Herman

Brad Herman

Co-Founder, CTO, Spaces
As co-founder of SPACES, Brad builds on a career that spans visual effects, animation and virtual reality. Most recently, Brad was the head of DreamLab at DreamWorks Animation, where he developed mobile, immersive and interactive experiences that combined the latest technology with... Read More →

avatar for James Jensen

James Jensen

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Void
James Jensen is the co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of THE VOID, the critically acclaimed immersive entertainment company. For more than two decades, James has worked in illustration, design and interactive media for companies and clients including Sony Entertainment, Dreamworks... Read More →
avatar for Yoni Koenig

Yoni Koenig

Co-Founder, Exit Reality
Yehonatan “Yoni” Koenig is the co-founder and chief driving force behind Exit Reality, a San Francisco upstart bringing virtual reality experiences to the masses through mobile VR trucks and cube installations. An award-winning creative technology innovator with 20 years digital production experience, Yoni has led product teams for Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony... Read More →
avatar for Mark Mine

Mark Mine

Executive Creative Technology, Walt Disney Imagineering
Mark Mine is a creative technology executive for Walt Disney Imagineering. In his role, Mark is responsible for directing and coordinating the development and integration of real-time and pre-rendered computer graphics technologies and techniques into the WDI design process. Mark... Read More →
avatar for Yukiharu Tomita

Yukiharu Tomita

COO, Meleap inc.
meleap inc. is an augmented reality entertainment start up founded in 2014 in Tokyo Japan. meleap has developed HADO, a combination motion sensor, smartphone and AR tracking solution for location-based entertainment centers. HADO is deployed in 60+ venues across 6 countries... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 4:30pm - 5:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

5:00pm PDT

Notes on Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR hold enormous promises as paradigm-shifting ubiquitous technologies. The investment in these technologies by leading IT companies, as well as the buy-in and general excitement from outside investors, technologists, and content producers has never been more palpable. There are good reasons to be excited about the field. The real question will be if the technologies can add sufficient value to people’s lives to establish themselves as more than just niche products. My path in this presentation will lead from a personal estimation of what matters for adoption of new technologies to important innovations we have witnessed on the road to anywhere/anytime use of immersive technologies. In recent years, one track of research in my lab has been concerned with the simulation of possible future capabilities in AR. With the goal to conduct controlled user studies evaluating technologies that are just not possible yet (such as a truly wide-field-of-view augmented reality display), we turn to high-end VR to simulate, predict, and assess these possible futures. In the far future, when technological hurdles, such as real-time reconstruction of photorealistic environment models, are removed, VR and AR naturally converge. Until then, we have a very interesting playing field full of technological constraints to have fun with.

avatar for Tobias Höllerer

Tobias Höllerer

University of California, Santa Barbara
Tobias Höllerer is Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he co-directs the Four Eyes Laboratory, conducting research in the four I’s of Imaging, Interaction, and Innovative Interfaces. Dr. Höllerer holds a Diplom in informatics from... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 5:00pm - 6:00pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

5:15pm PDT

The Journey to Enterprise VR/AR Applications, Presented By Inhance
Advances in hardware and computing power now allow experienced developers to cross exciting frontiers and go well beyond VR/AR development for entertainment, into real enterprise applications. Learn how the world of VR/AR itself is being augmented from merely a fascinating novelty, into an industrial utility. Learn how real-time-communications, using all the sensory and interactive power of new devices and platforms, are making the dream of multi-layered, multi-participation communication and collaboration for enterprise VR/AR applications a new reality. Join an international team of renowned innovators from Los-Angeles-based Inhance Digital, including its founder Mazi Farzam (who has been developing alternate-reality solutions for decades) for a discussion about the current state of new possibilities – and perhaps even get a glimpse of their own recent breakthroughs. The VRLA audience will gain a greater understanding of how to leverage the new hardware and software, and how to best prepare for an emerging demand for industrial VR/AR.  

avatar for Maziar Farzam

Maziar Farzam

President, Inhance
Maziar (“Mazi”) Farzam is passionate about helping companies transform complex products, systems and ideas into understandable and compelling stories. His unique blend of experience in engineering and science complements more than 20 years of multimedia programming, development... Read More →

avatar for Bivas Biswas

Bivas Biswas

Technical Director, Inhance
Bivas Biswas has worked as a software engineer for 19 years, and is currently technical director for VR programming at Inhance Digital. He is an Engineering Fellow at the Manpower group and has worked as a computer scientist for US Defense projects. Bivas holds a master’s degree... Read More →
avatar for Catherine Tran

Catherine Tran

Web Developer, Inhance
Already a veteran coder, working as a web developer for Inhance Digital, Catherine “Cat” Tran discovered a passion for functional program design just after college. She attended a well-known, intense coding boot camp and caught the attention of the programming team at Inhance... Read More →
avatar for Ben Zysberg

Ben Zysberg

Software Dept. Head, Inhance
Born in Paris in 1982, the same year Tron was released, Ben Zysberg first discovered computers at age 5; it was an Apple II Plus. He dreamed of making games one day, so learned to code. Ben earned a Master of Science in 2005, with an emphasis on virtual reality and graphical user... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 5:15pm - 6:15pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

5:30pm PDT

Shooting VR for Post, Presented by ICG
avatar for Michael Chambliss

Michael Chambliss

Technologist, International Cinematographers Guild (ICG)
In live VR production, “fixing it in post” takes on a whole new dimension, impacting both the creative and technical decisions made on set. How does the cinematographer collaborate with the director to design shots and block action with the strengths and drawbacks of stitching... Read More →

avatar for Dane Brehm

Dane Brehm

Digital Imaging Technician
Dane has been trailblazing live action acquisition and workflows since 2003. His unique perspective on the director of photography’s needs has helped him solve a wide range of workflow challenges on productions using modern array cameras. His VR clients include Alcatel, Golden State... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Cochrane

Andrew Cochrane

Director / Technical Supervisor
Andrew Cochrane is a director working in interactive and immersive mediums such as virtual and augmented reality, installations, live events and mobile and web apps. Many of his recent projects were through Mirada’s exciting digital/interactive group, and focused on combining the... Read More →
avatar for Eve Cohen

Eve Cohen

Director of Photography
Eve M. Cohen is a director of photography whose work ranges from independent feature films to television series, documentaries and cinematic virtual reality. Her most well-known cinematic virtual reality project “The Visitor” (dir. James Kaelan, 2015) premiered at Slamdance and... Read More →
avatar for Evan Pesses

Evan Pesses

The Astronauts Guild partner Evan Pesses is an advanced technology cinematographer focusing on virtual reality. Evan’s VR credits include branded content for Chevy, NFL, Intel, and Kawasaki along with numerous concerts, experiential shorts and music videos. Evan also shoots traditional... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Shulkind

Andrew Shulkind

Andrew Shulkind is an award-winning cinematographer known as much for his seamless integration of visual effects and innovative technologies as for his refined and painterly use of lighting.  Until 2014, Andrew worked solely in feature film and broadcast advertising for studios and... Read More →

Friday April 14, 2017 5:30pm - 6:30pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater
Saturday, April 15

10:00am PDT

Opening Remarks with Cosmo Scharf
avatar for Cosmo Scharf

Cosmo Scharf

Co-founder, VRLA, Mindshow
Cosmo Scharf co-founded The Virtual Reality Foundation, a non-profit that produces VRLA, the world's largest virtual reality expo, and the Proto Awards, the first award show for VR. He also co-founded Mindshow, a start-up building software for creating stories in VR.

Saturday April 15, 2017 10:00am - 10:25am PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

10:00am PDT

Girls Make VR - For Applicants
Girls aged 13-18 will be introduced to the Unity game engine with hands-on learning, including the workflows and features used by top game studios. Join us to create a 3D, VR-ready experience from start to finish while touching upon new tools Unity offers.

Application open for select period of time.

avatar for Mark Schoennagel

Mark Schoennagel

Mark Schoennagel is a Unity Evangelist with a strong technical background in 3D Animation for both film and video games. For nearly 20 years he was the lead evangelist for Softimage 3D, enjoying a front-row seat during the renaissance of the 3D industry. From witnessing the humble... Read More →
avatar for Sarah Stumbo

Sarah Stumbo

Sarah became a passionate virtual reality creator after trying VR for the first time during her senior year of college, while studying electrical engineering. She made the switch to software and never looked back, as VR development was the perfect way to combine her interests in art... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 10:00am - 12:30pm PDT
CyberPowerPC Education Room 518

10:25am PDT

Women in XR Announcement
avatar for Malia Probst

Malia Probst

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Connector, VRScout
avatar for Martina Welkhoff

Martina Welkhoff

Founder-ConveneVR, Jump Canon

Saturday April 15, 2017 10:25am - 10:35am PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

10:35am PDT

HP & Nvidia Special Announcement
avatar for Rick Champagne

Rick Champagne

Global Media & Entertainment Industry Management, NVIDIA

Saturday April 15, 2017 10:35am - 11:35am PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

11:35am PDT

Justin Roiland Keynote

Justin Roiland, the “Rick & Morty” creator and newly-minted founder of the VR studio Squanchtendo aims to dive into the surreally funny possibilities of the medium in his keynote, remarking "What does the future of VR hold? Will there be more wizard games? Are grandmas real? What IS a wizard really? Are there wizard grandmas? How does this factor into VR? I did all this (simple) math and then made a power point presentation that I **think** maaaayyybe has these questions (and more) all figured out. Please come to my incredible keynote address on the state of VR! You juuuust might learn something, maybe, I don't know. I can't make any promises on that because you may already know everything."

avatar for Justin Roiland

Justin Roiland

Co-Creator, Rick & Morty; CCO, Squanchtendo
Justin Roiland, co-creator, writer, and voice actor of Adult Swim's Rick & Morty and CCO of Squanchtendo

Saturday April 15, 2017 11:35am - 12:00pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

12:15pm PDT

Launching Successful VR and AR Games with Google
Immersive computing (AR and VR) will redefine the way we interact with information and experience the world. That's why Google created Daydream for VR and Tango for AR. This talk will give developers an understanding of the two platforms, discuss opportunities for developers on each, discuss how Google can potentially partner with developers on projects, and most importantly talk about customer discovery of the content once it's been created and approved to be published.

avatar for Michael Almeraris

Michael Almeraris

Global VR/AR Gaming and Store Lead, Google
Michael leads Google's VR/AR Gaming and Partnerships for Daydream and Tango rolling out to digital storefronts. Over his 6-year span at Google, he has also worked on Mobile Partnerships and on the Product team for Mobile Search. Prior to Google, he was in Investment Banking covering... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 12:15pm - 1:05pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

12:30pm PDT

VR Game Development: Developer Diary, Presented by First Contact, HTC, and Dell
Join First Contact Entertainment on a journey through development and release of their debut VR game, ROM: Extraction. Learn how VR developers and hardware partners can support each other, leveraging advanced VR game design techniques and custom technology to push the industry forward. Lastly, get a sneak peek at what's next for futuristic VR tech--from state-of-the-art VR hardware, to mixed reality and ultra-realism.

avatar for Adam Orth

Adam Orth

Creative Strategist, First Contact
Adam Orth is a creative director, game/experience designer, storyteller, writer and musician passionate about creating immersive, interactive digital entertainment. Adam has held high-level creative positions at Microsoft, LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, PopCap... Read More →

avatar for Hess Barber

Hess Barber

President, First Contact
Hess has over 22 years of experience in the Game Industry starting at Melbourne House back in 1994.  He was previously the Creative Producer at Starbreeze LA working on various VR titles.  Hess has recently formed a new company with his experienced team, First Contact Entertainment... Read More →
avatar for Bill Buckley

Bill Buckley

Animation Director, First Contact
Bill Buckley has been working as a developer in the video game industry for over ten years. His roles have included Senior Animator, Story Artist, writer, Digital Cinematographer, Concept Artist and currently, Animation Director with First Contact Entertainment. He has worked on popular... Read More →
avatar for Aaron Kaminer

Aaron Kaminer

Art Director, First Contact
Aaron Kaminer is a seasoned game developer with over 10 years of production experience in the game industry. He was previously the Art Director at Starbreeze LA working on various VR titles. He has worked on several popular franchises such as Call Of Duty, Halo, John Wick and The... Read More →
avatar for JB McRee

JB McRee

Senior Manager, Product and Developer Marketing, HTC VIVE
JB McRee is the Senior Manager of Product and Developer Marketing for HTC VIVE. While primarily working with the developer community to evangelize unique stories about HTC VIVE and VIVE Tracker, JB’s efforts impact all aspects of HTC VIVE–including VR content, developer and partner... Read More →
avatar for Wei Qiao

Wei Qiao

CTO, First Contact
Wei Qiao is the CTO at First Contact Entertainment. He is a veteran video game and VFX developer, and a published author in computer graphics research. His professional and academic experience heavily involves innovative use of modern graphics hardware to achieve the best visual experience... Read More →
avatar for Gary Radburn

Gary Radburn

Director, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Dell Inc.
Gary Radburn is the Director of Consumer and Commercial VR/AR globally at Dell Inc. As part of his role, he manages the team charged with developing and delivering VR/AR technology, works closely with Dell customers on VR/AR deployments and founded Dell’s VR Centers of Excellence... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 12:30pm - 1:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

1:00pm PDT

360 Sound for Virtual Reality - Pass Sold Separately

Building on last year’s highly successful VRLA audio workshop, this event will inform on the latest developments and tools, as audio spatialization becomes an ubiquitous part of VR platforms & experiences.  The two part workshop will present a short primer on 360 spatial audio principles and approaches to cinematic, documentary-style, commercial, music-centric, gamic & room scale VR. The remainder of the workshop will be dedicated to hands-on experience for all attendees in the art and craft of spatial sound. Guided by the co-founders of ECCO VR, with special guests from Safari Riot, the workshop will cover the following topics:

You can sign into your Streampoint account here and skip to step two of registration to access the workshops. 

avatar for Joel Douek

Joel Douek

Co-Founder, ECCO VR
ECCO VR co-founder Joel Douek is an award winning composer and sound designer whose work has brought many top Virtual Reality experiences to life, as well as numerous BAFTA and EMMY-winning productions.  Born in London, England, Joel draws heavily on his background in music and... Read More →
avatar for Benedict Green

Benedict Green

ECCO VR co-founder Benedict Green is a composer, sound designer & technical wizard. Originally from London, he has worked with a broad selection of clients including the BBC, SKY, Lacoste, Ted Baker, Ellesse and many others. Benedict brings a deep experience in VR audio from state-of-the-art... Read More →
avatar for Grayson Sanders

Grayson Sanders

As a film composer, Grayson is most known for his work on major motion picture film trailers including, Blade Runner 2049, Alien: Covenant, Fantastic 4, and others, as well as film scores for Oscar Nominated Filmmakers Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady, and Craig Atkinson — Tribeca Film... Read More →
avatar for Jerry Yeh

Jerry Yeh

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Jerry moved to New York City to study Economics at NYU, eventually landing in Los Angeles to earn his MA at USC in Communications Management. Although his love for the arts led him down the path of being a composer and music producer, he is equally... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 1:00pm - 3:30pm PDT
CyberPowerPC Education Room 518

1:15pm PDT

Mixed Reality: stranger things have happened
avatar for Kat Harris

Kat Harris

Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Kat is a Technical Evangelist with expertise in game, AR/VR/MR development based out of Los Angeles. She is the co-host of ImagineThis, a web series for students to learn about the tech industry, and The Game Dev Show on MSDN’s Channel9 network. Kat was the first woman in the world... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 1:15pm - 2:05pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

1:30pm PDT

2D Screen, the Big Picture

A conversation on how the most important screen in this new virtual world is the 2D one, and how it brings together experiences with audiences, using fundamental techniques and platforms.


avatar for Shaun Novak

Shaun Novak

Executive Director of Production, Machinima
Currently the Executive Director of Production and Head of VR at Machinima Studios, he is a digital media producer with over 16 years’ experience creating content in that space. Prior to Machinima, Shaun worked in game development on the cinematics for AAA franchises, like the Matrix... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 1:30pm - 2:00pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

1:30pm PDT

Robo Recall: An Epic Journey in VR, Presented by Unreal Engine
Epic Games' developers will host a postmortem on the recently launched Robo Recall, the critically-acclaimed VR shooter hailed for its arcade action and creative combat using Oculus Touch. Hear war stories on its evolution from Bullet Train demo to a fully-featured Unreal Engine 4 game complete with full source mod support, all released for free to the community.

avatar for Dana Cowley

Dana Cowley

Senior Marketing Manager, Epic Games
Dana Cowley is a 17-year veteran of the games industry and the senior marketing manager at Epic Games, where she helps drive global marketing for Unreal Engine technology and Robo Recall. Over the past decade at Epic, Dana has worked on numerous game franchises and tech demos, from... Read More →

avatar for Evan Champlin

Evan Champlin

Senior VR Designer, Epic Games
Evan Champlin is a Senior VR Designer at Epic Games Seattle. Evan joined Epic last year to take part in the design and creation of Robo Recall. His responsibilities on the project included mission scripting and level design. With nearly 15 years in the industry, Evan is an experienced... Read More →
avatar for Jeff Farris

Jeff Farris

Technical Lead, Epic Games
Jeff Farris is a 17-year veteran of the game industry, a Senior Programmer at Epic Games, and the Technical Lead on Robo Recall. He has been with Epic for the past 11 years, working on both the Unreal Engine and Epic's internal game teams including Gears of War, Unreal Tournament... Read More →
avatar for Pete Hayes

Pete Hayes

Senior Artist, Epic Games
Pete Hayes has over 25 years experience in the digital arts, the first 10 in corporate design, marketing and web development. He has been with Epic for over 13 years, specializing in mechanical modeling and design working on the Gears of War trilogy, Unreal Championship 2, Unreal... Read More →
avatar for Tommy Jacob

Tommy Jacob

VR Producer, Epic Games
During his time with Epic, Tommy has focused much of his efforts working in VR as the Producer on Bullet Train and Robo Recall. Prior to joining Epic he worked for Ubisoft and EA on franchises such as Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Far Cry, Madden and NCAA Football, to name a few. As a... Read More →
avatar for Seth Weedin

Seth Weedin

Audio and Gameplay Programmer, Epic Games
Seth is the Technical Sound Designer at Epic Games. After graduating from DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2016 with a strong senior VR project, he joined up with Epic near the beginning of Robo Recall’s development. His responsibilities for Robo Recall included scripting gameplay... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 1:30pm - 2:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

2:15pm PDT

Bringing Education Intelligence to the Virtual World
avatar for Nicolette Rankin

Nicolette Rankin

CEO & Founder, Good University
Nicolette Rankin a successful serial entrepreneur in edTech. For the past ten years, she has been building online schools. In 2007, she co-founded Open English, the first school to guarantee fluency in English. During her career, she has raised over $120M in venture capital, serviced... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 2:15pm - 2:45pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

2:30pm PDT

Gearing Up for VR, Presented by HP
VR content creation and consumption require a multitude of advanced technologies working together seamlessly to enable fully immersive, life-like virtual experiences for today and into the future. Join HP and NVIDIA with special guests to learn about the latest technological innovations designed specifically with VR in mind.

avatar for Monica Wasiljew

Monica Wasiljew

Head of Marketing for Immersive Computing, HP
Monica Wasiljew is the head of marketing for Immersive Computing at HP Inc, overseeing the marketing for immersive technology at HP including 3D scanning and VR. Previously, she worked on the marketing strategy for the OMEN gaming brand. Because of her thirst for learning, Monica... Read More →

avatar for Jad Boniface

Jad Boniface

Director of Developer Relations, HTC
avatar for Stuart English

Stuart English

Head of Worldwide Sales for VR Capture, Nokia Technologies
Head of Worldwide Sales for VR Capture at Nokia Technologies, Stuart has been at the forefront of digital imaging technologies.    At Panasonic he was responsible for the US launch of solid-state Electronic News Gathering and HD Cinema production cameras, and he was an original... Read More →
avatar for Marcie Jastrow

Marcie Jastrow

SVP Immersive Media, Technicolor
Marcie Jastrow is an industry veteran with over 20 years in the Entertainment business. Currently the SVP of Immersive Media at Technicolor, Marcie is the head of the Technicolor Experience Center, a space dedicated to bringing partners together across the VR/AR space to ignite powerful... Read More →
avatar for Dave Weinstein

Dave Weinstein

Director for Professional Virtual Reality, NVIDIA
Across graphics, audio, video, and physics, the NVIDIA VRWorks suite of technologies helps developers maximize performance and immersion for VR applications. We'll explore the latest features of VRWorks, explain the VR-specific challenges they address, and provide application-level... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 2:30pm - 3:20pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

2:30pm PDT

VR & Immersive Content - Insight & Debate from World Leading Creators, Presented by Blend Media

Hear from some of the industry's leading creators of VR and immersive experiences as they discuss and debate:

  • -  Which brands are using VR or immersion in the right way, and why

  • -  The choices and challenges of creating for headset vs. mobile

  • -  How to approach the topic of ROI and the new tools and metrics now


  • -  The best way to brief a VR or immersive experience

  • -  What trends and technologies in the sector they think will have the

    biggest impact on reach and engagement 

avatar for Damian Collier

Damian Collier

CEO & Founder, Blend Media
Damian Collier is a social video entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of Blend Media. Collier’s mission is to make the creation of immersive content experiences easy for brands, agencies and publishers and has worked with clients including The LADBible, Google, McCann and Framestore... Read More →

avatar for Austin Mace

Austin Mace

Chief Creative Officer, SubVRsive
Austin Mace is the CCO and co-founder of SubVRsive and is passionate about creating captivating virtual reality experiences for forward-thinking brands, agencies, and clients. Within months of founding SubVRsive, Austin led the team to its first Emmy nomination for their work with... Read More →
avatar for Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore

CEO, Experience360°
'Ryan Moore, Founder and CEO of Experience 360°, an LA-based Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Design Studio, has been creating next-generation 360° experiences since 2015. In just two years since the studio’s inception, Ryan and his brilliant team have captured and produced compelling... Read More →
avatar for Sol Rogers

Sol Rogers

CEO & Founder, REWIND
Founder and CEO of REWIND, the immersive content production agency behind award-winning work such as BBC Home - A VR Spacewalk, and acclaimed launch title Project Falcon for the FOVE eye-tracking VR headset. By delivering immersive experiences for the world's largest studios, agencies... Read More →
avatar for Alan Smithson

Alan Smithson

CEO, MetaVRse
Alan Smithson is an entrepreneur and investor who has always been on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. After graduating from University of Guelph with a Molecular Biology degree, Alan realized technology and music were his passions leading to the creation of the EMULATOR... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 2:30pm - 3:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

3:00pm PDT

The Challenge of Bringing the Wide FOV to Life, Presented by StarVR
avatar for Rémi Arnaud

Rémi Arnaud

Chief Architect Officer, Starbreeze Studios
avatar for Emmanuel Marquez

Emmanuel Marquez

CTO, Starbreeze Studios

Saturday April 15, 2017 3:00pm - 3:50pm PDT
IEEE VR Theater

3:30pm PDT

VR and the Evolution of Entertainment
Join us for a very special VRLA panel where we explore how the emergence of VR is changing the entertainment landscape, the nature of storytelling, and the ability to engage audiences. We will explore the archetype of VR in entertainment and its effect on the outlooks of four top-tier content creators across digital media, film and television, gaming, and 360 video. Then, we'll dig into the reality of VR - it's potential, effectiveness, and challenges as a viable business, evolving technology, and creative medium. You won't want to miss this first-of-its-kind panel at VRLA

avatar for Avi Gandhi

Avi Gandhi

Co-Founder, AirShareVR
Avi Gandhi, a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient, is currently co-founder and CEO at AirShareVR. Previously, as an Agent in the Digital department at WME|IMG, he was responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities at the intersection of tech and entertainment for the... Read More →

avatar for Cortney Harding

Cortney Harding

Professor, VR consultant, Author, NYU
Cortney Harding is a professor, author, and consultant working at the intersection of music and virtual reality. Harding works withtechnology companies to partner with musicians and labels to create immersive, groundbreaking virtual reality content. Her knowledge of both the music... Read More →
avatar for James Iliff

James Iliff

Chief Creative Officer, Survios
James Iliff is Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Survios, a virtual reality startup focusing on engaging games and immersive technology. Iliff is a virtual reality designer with a background in VR headsets and motion capture installations, working in the areas of avatar embodiment... Read More →
avatar for Tye Sheridan

Tye Sheridan

Co-Founder, Aether, Inc.
Tye Sheridan (born November 11, 1996) is an American actor. Sheridan made his feature film debut in Terrence Malick's experimental drama film The Tree of Life (2011) and had his first leading role in Jeff Nichols's film Mud (2012). He also co-starred in David Gordon Green's drama... Read More →
avatar for April Warren

April Warren

Virtual Production Supervisor
April Warren is a virtual production supervisor, VR developer, puppeteer, and actress with over ten years experience working in film, television, commercials, video games, theme parks, and theatre. April specializes in using cutting edge technology to craft and tell stories in new... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 3:30pm - 4:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

3:30pm PDT

Google Daydream: VR Lessons from 10+ Years as an Executive Producer in Game Development
A seasoned games producer looks back on the lessons that have served him well in his new position with Google Daydream. Focusing on his involvement with Bioshock, Guilty Party, and Avengers Initiative, Jonathan Krusell (AKA THE KRUSE IS LOOSE) has put the skills accrued on these projects to work at Mindshow, Wideload Games, Disney Interactive and, of course, Google.

avatar for Jonathan Krusell

Jonathan Krusell

Google Daydream
Telling stories to the masses and a select few at bedtime; producing @GoogleVR, early @MindshowVR, directed @WideloadGames, directed @DisneyInteract

Saturday April 15, 2017 3:30pm - 4:20pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

4:00pm PDT

Making High-Quality Interactive VR with Unreal Engine - Pass Sold Separately
During this workshop, Epic Games Director of Education and Learning Resources Luis
Cataldi will help VRLA attendees profile and optimize a visually stunning Unreal Engine environment. Participants will develop a better understanding of the technical design processes for building locomotion and interaction mechanics using Blueprint visual scripting. Hands-on learning will include modifying the content pipeline to build a mini-game and bring the experience together in VR.

You can sign into your Streampoint account here and skip to step two of registration to access the workshops. 

avatar for Luis Cataldi

Luis Cataldi

Luis Cataldi has been working in the computer graphics industry for over 20 years in various roles including character TD, animator, lighter, environment artist, FX TD and art director. His work has appeared in television, music videos, theme parks rides, animated feature films such... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 4:00pm - 6:30pm PDT
CyberPowerPC Education Room 518

4:30pm PDT

From VFX to VR: How to transition! Presented By Cinefex
VFX to VR -- 360° Video/ Game Engine -- The Similarities, The Differences

avatar for Bernice Howes

Bernice Howes

VFX Producer
Bernice began her career at The American Film Institute in Los Angeles and landed on such shows as the Emmy-winning hit series, thirtysomething. She has been producing visual effects for film and television for over twenty years and won an Emmy for her producing work on National Geographic’s... Read More →

avatar for emily cooper

emily cooper

Producer & Director, Holor Media
Emily Cooper got her start in virtual reality at Robert Stromberg's The Virtual Reality Company as their first outside hire. During her time at VRC, Emily focused on live action Virtual Reality. She worked with multiple Grammy Award winning artists, olympic athletes, and notable studios... Read More →
avatar for Ben Grossmann

Ben Grossmann

Co-Founder & CEO, Magnopus
Ben Grossmann is co-founder of Magnopus, a VR content & technology company of more than 60 artists and engineers in Los Angeles. He is an Oscar-winning and Emmy Award-winning visual effects supervisor on feature films where his virtual production techniques have dovetailed into leadership... Read More →
avatar for Aruna Inversin

Aruna Inversin

Creative Director & VFX Supervisor, Digital Domain
Aruna Inversin has been with Digital Domain for over a decade, and has been working in the visual effects industry for more than 20 years. Working around the world starting in Northern California, British Columbia, and Australia he is currently based in Los Angeles. His experience... Read More →
avatar for Sam Macaroni

Sam Macaroni

Director, Thundership
Prior to founding Thundership, Sam Macaroni was an Executive Producer/Director at The Walt Disney Company. He has written and directed successful branded entertainment campaigns for M&M’s, Windex, AT&T, Canon, JCPenney, Hot Wheels, Sony Pictures, Pepsi, Disney, the NFL, and many... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 4:30pm - 5:20pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

4:30pm PDT

Inducing Emotional and Cognitive States in VR, Presented by Liminal VR
Virtual reality is now undoubtedly the most advanced medium to induce and augment emotional and cognitive states in people. The Liminal team will be discussing their journey investigating the intersection between neuroscience, psychology and fields as diverse as architecture, music, cinema and game design to inform the development of novel and deeply moving virtual reality experiences. Liminal will also be debuting a sneak peak of their upcoming platform and announcing an exciting new partnership program.

avatar for Nick Busietta

Nick Busietta

Managing Director, Liminal VR
Nick is a psychology graduate, former major projects IT lawyer and Liminal’s co-founder. He is obsessed with the idea that the interface of virtual reality with neuroscience is a natural progression for human psychology. Nick is committed to implementing this idea to develop a consumer... Read More →
avatar for Damian Moratti

Damian Moratti

CEO, Liminal VR
Damian is a tech entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for psychology and cognitive science. As the co-founder and CEO of Liminal, Damian has been a driving force in the evolution and development of consumer psychological applications for virtual reality. Damian’s focus for the past... Read More →
avatar for Lachlan Sleight

Lachlan Sleight

CTO, Liminal VR
Lachlan is Liminal’s resident virtual reality evangelist, lead developer and CTO. With extensive experience in developing interactive immersive media and a solid grasp of industry trends in virtual reality, Lachlan is committed to providing tailored, relevant and beautiful experiences... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 4:30pm - 5:20pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

5:30pm PDT

How VR Entertainment Will Finally Take Off, Presented by Inception VR
avatar for David Neyman

David Neyman

VR Content Development, Inception
David Neyman is the VP of Content Development of Inception. Inception is fast becoming the leading 360 & VR destination of choice for premium content for millennials. Inception launched in October 2016, with apps on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, iOS, Android, Google Daydream and HTC... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 5:30pm - 5:55pm PDT
Unreal Engine Theater

5:30pm PDT

Intro to Exponential Thinking: Progress at the Edge of Possible
Humanity has seen more progress in science and technology in the last 40 years than the previous 4000. Within the last generation, we have discovered the role that exponential growth plays in driving technology forward. Understand how an exponentials framework can guide us in navigating the uncertainty in today's world. 

avatar for Aaron Frank

Aaron Frank

Principal Faculty at Singularity University, Singularity University
Aaron Frank is a writer and speaker serving as Principal Faculty at Singularity University, headquartered at NASA Research Park in California. As a writer, his articles on Virtual Reality have appeared in Vice's Motherboard and Venturebeat. As a Speaker, Aaron has lectured for audiences... Read More →

Saturday April 15, 2017 5:30pm - 6:20pm PDT
HP / Nvidia Theater

6:00pm PDT

Immersive Audio for VR Workflow, Presented by DTS

In the emerging field of AR/VR both the tools and techniques for creating content are still in a nascent state. Ways of thinking through the creative process and applications workflows are surfacing and evolving in real-time with new product development, making this a very exciting time to be a content creator (and a content consumer) but also includes potential gaps and problems as standard best practices are only developing.

Join our panel of audio experts who together, make up some of the biggest names in the industry!

This panel features a selection of some of the most experienced sound designers and mixers in 360 video productions today. During our session, learn answers to questions such as:

• How should I approach audio for VR and when does it take place during the production timeline?

• How do I lobby effectively for audio in a typical production?

• What are the best audio production workflows for VR today? What works? What doesn’t work, and why?

• What features are needed in today’s audio production tools for VR?

• Are we ready for some content basic workflow and distribution standardization?

This panel is guaranteed to be both educational and fun and will be of interest for emerging and seasoned VR audio mixers as well as audio engineers who are just interested in picking up some new tools for their toolkit along the way.

avatar for Martin Walsh

Martin Walsh

VP of R&D, DTS Inc.
Martin Walsh received a PhD in spatial audio from Trinity College Dublin in 1996. From there he joined Crystal River Engineering (later Aureal Semiconductor), where he co-developed one of the first industry standard positional 3D audio APIs for VR and gaming. In 2008 Dr. Walsh joined... Read More →

avatar for Joel Douek

Joel Douek

Co-Founder, ECCO VR
ECCO VR co-founder Joel Douek is an award winning composer and sound designer whose work has brought many top Virtual Reality experiences to life, as well as numerous BAFTA and EMMY-winning productions.  Born in London, England, Joel draws heavily on his background in music and... Read More →
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Tim Gedemer

President and CEO, Source Sound
Tim Gedemer is President and CEO of Source Sound, Inc., a premier audio design and mixing group based in Los Angeles. He is a 28 year, award-winning veteran of the Hollywood feature film audio post production community. Under his direction, Source Sound has become the premier audio... Read More →
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Sally-Anne Kellaway

Creative Director, Ossic
Sally-anne Kellaway is the Creative Director at Ossic, and is the biggest technical audio nerd you’ll ever meet. This brings together some of Sal’s favorite things - daydreaming, evangelizing cool things, organizing things and Audio Design for VR. Sal is still riding the VR hype... Read More →

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