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Goshi Manabe

RecoChoku Co.,Ltd.
International Representative
International Representative & Advisor for Japan's # 1 Digital Music Provider, RecoChoku.

Please contact us if you are interested about the world's 2nd largest Music market.

About RecoChoku Co.,Ltd.

RecoChoku is the #1 digital music provider in Japan, offering advanced and value-added services to maximize the value of Music. RecoChoku started "Chaku-uta (R),” the world's first master ringtone service in 2002 and launched "Chaku-uta Full (R)" (full-length master ringtone service) in 2004. RecoChoku’s music download service is available on smartphones(Android/iPhone), PC(Win/Mac), Nintendo 3DS™, and feature phones. RecoChoku also offers an on-demand paid-subscription streaming service. In addition RecoChoku powers music streaming services on major carriers and IPTV. As of January 2014, the new CI (Corporate Identity) is "Designing new relationships between People and Music"