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Audri Phillips

Robot Prayers
Director/Immersive media Content Creator
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Immersive Media content creation/software and technology
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Audri Phillips, Director/VJ/ 3D animator, content creator, immersive media specialist, based out of Los Angeles with a wide range of experience that includes over 25 years working in the visual effects/entertainment industry. Her full dome pieces, mixed reality, animations and paintings have been shown in festivals and conferences around the world.
She is the the co- founder and director of Robot Prayers an immersive trans media project which explores AI and our hybrid identities in a world where man and machine are melding, a resident artist at Vortex Domes, member of the Intel Innovators Group, ADN (Autodesk Developers Network), and a consultant/researcher for a technology company, Stratus Systems.